To Be Continued… a room called Creativity

To Be Continued… a room called Creativity

If you can, for just a moment, imagine this room. This room means the world to you. It’s your favorite place in the world. Everything in this room is arranged just the way you like it. You love the person you become as soon as you walk into this room. Everything about this room is perfect. The only way to describe your love for this room is that it’s almost other worldly, cosmic, or heavenly! This room is divine; lots of life changing experiences take place here. Yes, it feels like you’re with God when you’re in this room. This space is very important to you. 

Little by little, the room begins to fill up with stuff. Stuff just appears. There is no where else to take the stuff. There’s no one to complain to. You talk about the overflowing stuff to your significant other, and they help you as much as they can; but this room is your responsibility, only yours. You’re the only one with a key to this room. You don’t know what to do. You learn to just learn to cope with the stuff, because, shit happens and at this point, that’s your only option.

The room starts to become a little uncomfortable but you adjust and keep pushing through to maintain the love you have for your room. This is YOUR space! You change your perspective constantly to keep your peace in this room that keeps filling with STUFF. There’s no other place for you to go to feel the peace you once had inside that room and you NEED that peace; it’s a necessity. 

What do you do? 

Welcome to my world. This is my present predicament. The room is Creativity. It’s the creative part of my brain. It’s my job, my career, and my profession. It’s my passion, my first love, and my side chick. But my room keeps filling with “stuff.” Stuff such as: death after death, illnesses, depression, pandemics, finances, piece of shit hard-to-ignore politicians, being ignored, not mattering, bigotry, profiling, brutality, injustice, lack of empathy, unnecessary aggression, cancel culture, Black disunity, and so much more. 

Image by Wolfgang Claussen

I can’t ignore the stuff, and I can’t move it.  I feel like I’m running out of the perspectives that I have constantly kept changing to see it a different way. 
…as I write this, I received a “message” (inspiration, thought, feeling, whatever you wanna call it) that I am to “figure out a way to make the room bigger and to use all the ‘stuff’ to do it. You’re a Creative dammit! Don’t you call yourself a problem solver? Didn’t you tell someone that problem solving is your gift? Get to it. We all go through hell, just don’t stay there! Get to moving. You got this!” 

Boom! Message received. Now how the hell do I do that? I guess, just like my life and my work, this story is To Be Continued…

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