Everyone Likes Free Stuff Right?

Everyone Likes Free Stuff Right?

I love helping new business owners get started, even if it means they don’t need me. This time I decided that I would help you guys out a little by providing you with a few free resources that will help you get a jumpstart on the branding and marketing part of your entrepreneurial journey. Hope you can find some use for these resources.


Free Illustrations

Black Illustrations is a great place to get dope, high resolution illustrations of Black people to use in your marketing projects. The illustrations come in vector files for designers to use or in jpg and png with no background for all to use. 


Free Brand Checklist

I have put together this checklist that will help you to get started or cover a few things that you may have overlooked when you completed your branding. This list is free for you and available for download on my site here.

Free Content Creation App

You can create dope flyers and social media posts for your company for free. I know there’s Canva but there’s also Adobe Spark. Most designers use Adobe products because they’re simply the best at allowing you to create the best graphics. But they’re also the best at listening to their customers and creating the apps that make life and design much easier. Spark has better templates for you to use than Canva and the final product is much better resolution than Canva. Give it a try, the starter plan is free and still very powerful with all the free templates you could ever want. The final product will say AdobeSpark at the bottom unless you upgrade to the paid plan which is still great at only $9.99 a month but frees you to create all the social media content for your company, ALL FROM YOUR PHONE. Give it a try here

Free Licensed Stock Photos

Sometimes you’ll need some stock photos to convey a message or to use on your blog posts, Unsplash is a great place to get free stock photos licensed and ready to use. Just going to Google and grabbing photos can get you sued by the photographer, this is why you go to stock photo sites such as Unsplash to get the professional photos for free that are licensed for you to use and never worry about a lawsuit. Check them out here 

Well these should help you to get started. I promise that I use all of these resources myself, I wouldn’t steer you anywhere that I don’t go. I have downloaded the free illustrations and I have also bought a few from them. I use Adobe Spark to create much of my social media content right from my phone, and I use Unsplash for photos (the photo I used above actually came from Unsplash and was used on a flyer. I just want you to have the best so I share what I know. 

Until Next time. PEACE

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