Classy Sites and Top Shelf Products

Classy Sites and Top Shelf Products

Today I took on the task of recreating my site. Just as mechanics drive the worst cars and landscapers have the worst yards, it is also true that brand strategists sometimes have the most unkept sites. Before today it had been months since I added new work, checked to be sure links were working, or updated text. Needless to say, it was a sad display of websitedness.

A clean, properly functioning website is a vital part of branding for the business that desires to work with clientele outside of the local scene or those which have a need to book appointments, collect payments, or display a portfolio. There are businesses which need none of these things, such as barbershops, convenience stores, and landscapers. But my business has a high demand for all of the above, so it is imperative that I do a better job of keeping things up to date.

Thanks to the new iPadOS I was able to complete many of the updates away from my computer and out of the office. The new updates from Apple and Adobe are what inspired me to update and upgrade the site in the first place. Though I am currently without a laptop, my iPad is a very close comparison right now. These two companies have made some major upgrades in the last year and many more are promised.

If you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of both companies and their products.

The cleanness of their brands, their branding, and marketing strategies inspire me to produce premium branding for my clients and for my own brand. Apple uses the negative space around the icon as part of their branding and Adobe packs so many products into the Creative Cloud Suite that both give off a feeling of being top shelf products and I hope to mimic not only their successes, but also their level of class.

Visit the site and tell me what you think

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