Greetings, I’m Jeff. 
 Simply put, I am a problem solver. To solve problems, I use design. At present time the problem I'm working on is the fact that you don’t know me or how my work can benefit you. 
So this is who I am. I am a design specialist. What this means is that I have studied and developed a mastery of design. Design is much more than placing images and fonts on a page.There is always a reason for me to place any element of a design exactly where I placed it, how I placed it, and why I placed it there. This is called design and this is what I do, this is who I am; I specialize in design. 
I am a Design Specialist. 
 On a personal note, I am also a cigar smoker and lover of great music. So even as I pen this letter to you, I am enjoying a stogey and the sounds of Mr. John Coltrane. The sweet aroma of a good cigar, the melodic sounds of jazz, and the relaxing atmosphere their marriage creates assists me in getting the brain waves moving and the creative juices flowing. 
  As I enjoy this Camacho Barrell Aged™ cigar, I am also thinking of you, my next client, excited with anticipation about the beautiful work we will be creating together. You see, that’s why I am here; to brand you and your endeavors. As I said, I am a problem solver and if you're here, you probably have problems with visibility, memorability, and/or profitability and you're looking for a Graphic Designer to solve it. I want to solve your problems for you. A new logo can help you with this. An entirely new brand identity can help you with these issues as well. Your brand gives your company a voice plus sets a tone of who you are and what your customers can expect from you. I can definitely help you in these ways and more. 
  Something else you should know about me is that once I am satisfied that I have completed the job at hand, I like to have one celebratory glass of Crown Royal™ on ice. So when I have concluded showing you why I am the designer you’re looking for, I will be sitting back with a smug look on my face, that crystal glass in one hand and stogey in the other, awaiting the email notification informing me that you’re ready for me to create your new marketing collateral, logo, or brand. When you’re ready to help me have a drink, push the button below and make my phone buzz. 
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